Print - MagazineS, FolderS

The digital world is all well and good but printed matters are in a league by themselves. First, we puzzle our heads over the appropriate format. If you need to ship a letter or package by post, your freedom of action will come across one or the other restriction. Postcards, folders, flyer magazine formats, various fold types, bindings, saddle stitching, folding methods…

Then, our graphic designers come up with paper patterns. Paper thickness, color, absorbency, paper types… there is no limit to variants. The important thing is that it fits the sender and supports the message.

In case of complex printing and production methods we ask our customers to go with us to the printing shop first.

Foils, embossing and special production methods require exact coordination and finetuning with the printing shop and, if necessary, also with the bookbinder.

When creating a magazine layout, we prefer working with a screen. It allows maintaining order and helps to keep chaos out. It is helpful for the selection of fonts and for the combination of different typefaces (serifs or sans serifs) including font weights. Once we have a basic layout that the customer likes, we get started.

By the way, it is much more sublime to work with good photo material that can be used generously.

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