Big Message

When Facebook meets Billboards

ein Plakat, auf dem eine Flasche Ottakringer zu sehen ist. Daneben ein Bild von 4 Leuten auf einem Steg und eine Person die ins Wasser springt. Der Schriftzug liest: Der beste Sommer. Danke Jungs!
ein Plakat auf dem eine Frau zu sehen, ist die einen Kinderwagen schiebt, der Schriftzug liest: Danke Mama, Elisabeth & Kerstin #diebeste

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This project reflects the trend to make personal notes available to a wide public and to transfer social media to classic billboards.

Advertising spaces have lost in value in the last few years – opening up this medium for personal messages makes these spaces more attractive and profitable.

For the time being, the price of a 16-sheet billboard ranges between 90 and 150 Euro per month. For private customers, we estimate that it will earn you about 250 Euro in 1 week or 10 days at most.

For the implementation of this concept, it is necessary to create and develop a user-friendly platform for the designing and booking of such spaces. As our search showed, such platforms are nowhere to be found.

Therefore, we are expanding our group of billboard customers by private persons who are less price-sensitive when it comes to the booking of billboards.
To that end, however, it must be ensured that the design of billboards is of printable quality.


We would say there is a bunch of reasons to book a billboard:

  • to propose
  • to congratulate
  • to thank voluntary organizations
  • to surprise people
  • to share messages with the public

Cooperation Partners

Cooperation partners may be image databases such as Getty Pictures, or outdoor advertising companies such as Gewista, Ankünder, Kartnig‘s Perspektiven and many others.


For us, it is the synergy between Facebook or other social media platforms and the BIG MESSAGE which is important. Pictures of the personalized billboards are taken and spread over the web, causing a viral effect for the dissemination of the platform and its potential. If the platform is a success, it can be transferred easily to any country and into any language.

ein Plakat, auf dem der Kopf eines Mannes mit vielen rosa Haftnotizen beklebt ist, der Schriftzug liest: Denke, ich kann dir das shwer sagen aber... Bianca ich liebe dich

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the chart describes how big message interacts with billboard advertising companies, final customers and Getty Pictures


Every internet user can register on the portal and design their desired message in a “What you see is what you get” editor.
During this step, it should be possible to use images from various image data bases (Getty-Image, Fotolia, etc.) and to pay the provider directly.
An absolutely essential feature should allow integrating various billboard advertising companies to define available billboard spaces using a simple tool (possibly with an interface to the existing systems).

The planned basic features include:


1) WYSIWYG editor to allow designing the billboard spaces

2) Preview of posting

3) Availability check (preferred billboard, available locations)

4) Direct check of design (in terms of file quality)

5) Connection to social networks (I can show my postings online also to other folks)

6) Interfaces to image databases

7) Online payment interface (the user should be able to finish the booking procedure directly)


1) Administration of available spaces

2) Administration and green-lighting of designs

3) Allocation of cost / invoicing based on spaces (the spaces may belong to different agencies)

4) Dashboard overview (my spaces, my sales, etc.)

5) Administration of users / tenants

ein Plakat, auf dem eine Mutter mit ihrem Baby zu sehen ist, der Schriftzug liest: Willkommen Luca, 14.05.2015 *Alles Liebe evelyn, Hans, Sandra

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ein Plakat, auf dem ein Autoschlüssel zu sehen ist und ein Schriftzug "Alles Gute Mike!"


1) Rough concept – definition of complete scope of desired software

2) Analysis of technical feasibility with regard to web-based presentation and presentation on mobile terminals (maybe an app would make sense)

3) Analysis of competitors and possible improvements / extensions (competition analysis)

4) Structuring of individual areas into expansion phases

5) Preparation of rough dialogue structure (backend, frontend)

6) Cost estimation / calculation

7) Rough data flow concept and ER diagrams